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Established March, 2002



Jola Peil, President

Jinx Fox, Vice President

Laura Hansen, Secretary

Stefanie Bailey, Treasurer

Robin Garbe, Communications & Publicity

Vicky Brown, Member at Large

Karen DeLong, Member at Large



  1. The Annual General Meeting occurs each January at the Jeffersonton Community Center

  2. New & Renewing Members: Annual Dues - $55

  3. Social Members: Annual Dues - $30

  4. Renewing Members – dues must be paid no later than January 31st; otherwise a late fee of $5 will be due


Please Complete:

For riding members:
1. OPRC Membership Form
2. OPRC Activity and Rally Release Form
3. OPRC Equine Release and Warranty for Horse Owners
4. OPRC Equine Release – Other (this pertains to horses borrowed or leased)

5. OPRC Medical Form; this must be kept up-to-date and worn on your person at all mounted events

For non-riding or social members:
Please complete forms 1 & 2







Mail the completed forms and dues to:

Laura Hansen
OPRC-Piedmont Secretary
7847 Knights Ct
Warrenton, VA 20186

Dues and forms must be received at least THREE weeks prior to participating in any mounted OPRC activities. This allows time for insurance activation. Each member must be rated before he/she may participate in a mounted event. This is for safety concerns.  Once you've been rated, you're good for life.



If you would like to join our organization, please review the National OPRC website and send your dues and forms to our secretary, Laura Hansen. You will also have to download and complete the medical information form. This medical information must be worn in an armband at all mounted club activities. Armbands are available at sporting goods stores or Dover Saddlery or Horse Country, Warrenton.

Our membership year begins January 1st. Dues may be paid as soon as the Annual General Meeting is scheduled. Our dues include membership in the National OPRC organization and National insurance provided for members in good standing of each chapter. Read more details about this on the National site. New members may join the Piedmont chapter of OPRC at any time without incurring the late fee. Please contact the President if you're interested in joining or would like to watch our mounted activities.


Memberships MUST be renewed no later than January 31. The late fee for renewing members is $5.00 as required by National OPRC. CURRENT MEMBERSHIP CARDS CAN BE DOWNLOADED FROM THE NATIONAL SITE. Membership cards can be used at various shops, including Saddlery Liquidators in Haymarket and Madison, for a discount.


The clinicians, instructors, and raters are chosen for their ability to teach, organize, and instill confidence in the horse and rider.


OPRC-Piedmont schedules lessons, weather permitting, on the second Sunday of each month. Winter sessions are typically held in an indoor arena. Please arrive on time and ready to ride. You, your tack, and your horse should be reasonably clean--no unnecessary jewelry or flying hair!! There are safety reasons for this. We also enjoy many “extra curricular” activities.

As our club has grown over the past years, we suggest that when mounted lessons are announced, those who wish to participate let the organizer know as soon as possible.

One of our most popular activities is Summer Camp, which started in 2006 and is held over a three-day weekend. This is an overnight camp near Staunton, VA, with lovely accommodations and superior instruction. In addition to riding, there is hiking, fishing, tennis, and swimming. One needn’t ride to attend and enjoy - as “horse husbands” and children can come along to enjoy the facilities too.


Mounted activities will often necessitate a fee to cover the cost of instructors and/or fixtures. The club is fortunate to have several wonderful and reasonably priced instructors who have been working with us for several years. Along with the announcement of the monthly lesson, the cost will be noted. These costs are generally very reasonable for the value received.

Members will be responsible for the cost of a planned activity if they cancel less than 48 hours prior to the start of the event. If there is a waiting list for said event and we can fill your spot, you will not be responsible for the fee. If we cannot fill your spot, you will be responsible for the established payment. This policy was put in place to insure the return of our instructors and for the convenience and sanity of our organizers. We hope you understand the necessity for such a policy. We understand that things happen at the last minute, especially with horses, but we have contracted with our instructors/facilities and they expect to be paid regardless of circumstance.


Each riding member is required to have an ASTM-approved helmet, boots or shoes with a smooth sole and a sufficient heel, and a medical armband. Medical information should be in clear view at all times. Until you order your armband, keeping the information in your pocket or hat is acceptable. In addition to being a member in good standing, having signed everything and paid your dues, a copy of the Pony Club D and/or C USPC Handbook is invaluable. A smile and a terrific attitude will also go a long way. A protective vest is a good idea while jumping, but it isn't required.


In OPRC, safety is paramount. Especially in the beginning of the year, we have informal safety checks. Your officers are responsible for your personal safety and that of your horse. If a suggestion is made, it is for that reason. At each event, the president (or other officer) will act as First Responder. She will be in charge should the dreaded accident happen. Please comply with all instructions given to you in a crisis. The instructor or president (or other officer) has the right to dismiss any member who, in her opinion, presents a danger to herself, her horse, or others. The same applies to horse issues. The president has the right and obligation to ask any person riding a lame, pained, or unruly horse to leave the event. There can be no argument or recourse.


Jola and Murphy the Clydesdale

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