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What our members say

     The musicals were a godsend for Ben. When we started, he wouldn't walk in tandem with another horse and was upset being in even a small group or having a horse in back of him. Overtime, he overcame these fears, relaxed, and learned to totally enjoy and move out comfortably. I don't know how else he would have progressed without the musicals. He still loves them to this day! PS: So do I!
Nancy T


     When I first joined OPRC I had done mostly trail riding and was a bit apprehensive about ring riding in a group. But the members and the instructors were so encouraging that they put my mind at ease quickly. I particularly enjoyed doing the Christmas Musical Quadrille. 

Shirley B


     I like OPRC because if offers me a community of fellow horse riders with whom to share and commune. Also, I have had the opportunity to meet some fabulous people and instructors.

Sandi B

     I can think of a million reasons why I loved this club – like the many sets of helping hands that came to my rescue on my first Lesson on Cody.  He was high headed and upset being in a new environment while I was trying to manage my own nerves.  And there they were.  Betsy Burnett, Susie Rowe, and another member came walking to my aid.  We got the bridle on successfully and off we went and had a fabulous lesson.

Sue K


     I joined OPRC when I bought my farm in Delaplane four years ago and have met so many great "horse" people!!! The diversity of activities planned every year for the members is unbelievable; I have done everything from trail riding in the Shenandoah Mts., to jumping clinics, dressage lessons and musical rides. The highlight of my year is the SUMMER CAMP. It is a blast!! Lots of riding, lots of laughs and lots of learning and inspiration!!!Most importantly the members encourage and support one another in their horse world.

Boots B

     I joined OPRC in 2004 when we had about 15 members and as I have watched the club grow over the years I look back and see how many friends I’ve made and the wide range of wonderful lessons and clinics I have attended.  Summer camp is definitely my favorite weekend of the year when we have tons of fun with lots of lessons, trail rides and hanging out with our friends around the pool.  Another thing I love about this club is all the support and encouragement members give each other, both in and out of the saddle.

Miranda K


     I am so happy I joined this club! There's something for everyone and it's a no-pressure, low-key environment. When I tell people what OPRC is, my elevator speech goes something like this: "A group of supportive women (mostly) who love their horses and want to have fun with them and each other." Best of all, I've tried new things without ever feeling stupid. Someone in this club has been where you are, whether it's recovering from an injury (yours or your horse's), getting back to riding after years out of the saddle, or just seeking ways to meet people like yourself.

Karen D

     The Piedmont Chapter of OPRC is a wonderful group and resource  for me and my horse. We have participated in new activities- expanding my equine related experiences and knowledge. All the members are welcoming and supportive. I am so glad I joined!
Laura H 

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