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Jola Peil




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About Us

Piedmont OPRC was established in 2002 to promote horse activities for adults.  Emphasizing fun, camaraderie and education, we hope you will grow through your participation in our club activities. Our specific objectives include the following: that you continue to improve your riding, knowledge, and horsemanship; that you will expand your horse horizons and try something new, and, most of all, that you will make new friends within our local riding community. The Board Members and instructors are here to help you reach for these goals.

The Board Members

Jola Peil



When members of the board of directors first asked if I would run for president, I felt honored but immediately said no. My first instinct was that there are many others more qualified than I and there's no way I could do the job as well Sue Knox has for the past 8 years. But after thinking on it a little more, I decided to say yes. OPRC has been so very important to me over the last 6 years that I'm truly motivated to give it my best.

Karen Keith

Vice President



I was the youngest of five kids, four of us horse crazy girls.  We didn't have a horse but we self-studied about horses, reading every horse book  we could get our hands on.  We also had a huge herd of Breyer horse models.  We finally got a real horse for a short time when I was in the sixth grade.  He dumped every one of us at some point, usually as a runaway.


Cheryl Brandt



Growing up in the suburbs of New York,  I didn't have any idea that horses would become such a big part of my life. It wasn't until my family moved to horse country in Albemarle County, VA  in 1974 that I had contact  with horses.  My Mom took us out to Foxfield  Stables for our first introduction, and I was smitten.  

Susan Carter





Laura Hansen

Member at Large


Stephanie Gustavus

Member at Large

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Jinx Fox



Like many children, I loved animals from an early age.  I grew up in Asia, learning to ride on Indian Cavalry polo horses and keeping backyard ponies in India and Indonesia.  Some of my earliest riding memories are of riding tough mountain ponies along steep cliffs in the Himalayan Mountains as well as riding through bazaars and neighborhoods in New Delhi and Djakarta.

Never, ever hesitate to contact any of us with your questions.

We’re here to help you get the most from your OPRC experience.  

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